Whether you need help in starting or buying a business, or you are "stuck" in some phase of your business, or are thinking of exiting or selling your business, The Coach is ready to join your team, coach you through these critical moments and facilitate a solution for your business.

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The Coach has
spurred my
business forward
with a better
understanding of
our customers,
helping us pick the
best advertising
program, and
through great sales
training. Coach,
you are the Best!

— Taos Retail Store Owner
Bob Leduc







Bill Swan, aka The Coach, has lived in Taos for over 20 years while starting, owning and operating three businesses: A small historical Inn, a web-based art marketing and sales “dot-com,” and most recently a retail and optical store on the Plaza. He has been business, exit, and sales coaching now for nearly ten years.

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The Coach brings a wealth of business experience, concentrated in sales and marketing. He earned a Masters in Arts from The George Washington University and a Bachelor of Science from the Air Force Academy.






Is it time to “exit” and sell your business, but don't know how to start? We do. We will help you see your business as a buyer would, and put a fair value on your assets and your brand. We don't charge the standard broker fee of 10 to 12% like the big out-of-town outfits. We will not be distracted by trying to sell homes instead, like our local realtors can be. 

Instead, we will design a reasonable fee structure that fits with your needs and capabilities as we begin all the hard work preparing to sell your business.

Information available on the following businesses:

Country Furnishings of Taos


Taos Magazine

Taos Magazine


Act I Gallery and Sculpture Garden

Act 1 Gallery, Taos


Enchanted Forest Cross Country
Ski Area
Listing by

Enchanted Forest SC Ski Area

The Coach will do as much or little as you want to coach you through the process, will prepare the offering documents, and can recommend a marketing plan based on your needs and timeline. And finally, once we find a qualified buyer who can't live without your business, The Coach will act – as needed – as your business intermediary to work through the final emotional and critical negotiating stages to begin your new life. 

The Coach has been invaluable to me in a stressful situation of closing my store and preparing it for sale. He listens to me, gives me clear goals, and I'm never overwhelmed. Thank you, Coach, for helping me in this transitional time.

— Taos Businessperson

And finally, if you want to BUY a business in Taos, don't hesitate to start your search with The Coach. If we aren't representing one that fits your dreams, then let us coach you through your search and find one to make your mark in Taos.

As they say, "Every business in Taos is for sale, but you have to ask!"

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About Bill








Quote of
the Year:

Trust the Coach.

— Barbara Davis




We are NOT going to come into your business and tell you what is wrong and what you should be doing. Coaching is about raising your awareness... setting goals, examining the reality of your business environment, and finally, instilling the best practices from the myriad of options that we discover together.

This is about helping you see the trees from the forest. It is about asking you the hard questions, holding you accountable, and about the business that YOU envision, not our vision.

Do you know how to sell? And what you are really selling? Since we know that people don’t buy commodities (they buy something else), what are your customers buying from you? Whether you own a small retail store, are an independent outside sales rep, or manage a sales force, we will design a sales course based on your needs. We can keep it short and sweet with a couple of hours, or set up a regular meeting time with a more intense sales training course.

If you are doing all the advertising and marketing you can afford and your sales are stagnant, we can give your sales a jolt. We know sales coaching works and that customer service coaching is effective. It worked in our businesses, and it will work for yours.

Even after owning my own award-winning business for over 20 years, I have learned many helpful tips from Bill Swan’s sales coaching. After just a few weeks, it is already making a difference in our sales, and has really helped our sales team work together more effectively.

— Taos Salesperson

Every entrepreneur gets bogged down at some point. Very few have all the skills that it takes to start a business and then herd all the cats to make it a successful business. Do you know the three roles that every entrepreneur and business owner must perform every day? Are you changing your business? If you aren’t, you are behind because your competition probably is.

Do you know the biggest myths about starting a business? The Coach can help you understand the roles you must be constantly playing, and how important filling those roles yourself or with your first employee. Whether you want to start a business or buy a business, or simply feel stuck in your business, entrepreneur coaching for a few months may be your key to success.

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• Do you feel your retail staff is missing sales?
• Is your mediocre customer service holding your sales back?
• Do you need to increase repeat business?
• Are your outside sales reps having trouble closing the deal?
• Could everyone get more comfortable with “cold calling”?
• Have a newbie who needs sales training as they learn your products?
• Is your networking ineffective?
• Is your sales staff struggling and working too hard to make each sale?
• Do you have one phone salesperson who consistently lags behind others?

Coach BillWe will begin with a FREE CONSULTATION to discover the “sweet spot” for your Sales Boot Camp. Together we will figure out what is holding your sales back and design the length and focus of your Sales Boot Camp to fit your company culture and resources, and do it cost effectively.

Boot Camps could be a couple of hours or more, spread out over a month or two. The most effective is probably a few intensive initial training sessions reinforced with short monthly meetings until “they get it.” We will design YOUR Boot Camps together to address your specific sales problems.

Sales training works. Doing it is relatively painless. All you have to do is describe what your issues and problems are, what kind of results you need, and we’ll do the rest.

About Bill













The Coach
feels like a
teammate to me:
actively engaged in
moving my agenda
forward, because
it's his agenda too. Hearing his
perspective and
ideas help focus my
own, and they
motivate me. Our
weekly meetings are
a high point of
my week.
— Taos Retail Store Owner


The Coach also offers three types of sales courses aimed at the small retail store owner and their sales staff, including artists and art gallery owners, and outside sales representatives.

The goal of the classes is simple: Improve sales productivity and decrease sales stress in a relaxed classroom setting with sophisticated and proven coaching techniques and subject matter.

The courses are at affordable “small town” prices. We offer “volume” discounts to business owners so they can include their entire sales staff. You won’t find these “how-to-sell” classes anywhere else in the Southwest. They are supported by the Taos Small Business Development Center, the Taos Entrepreneurial Network, and our Chamber of Commerce.

• SMALL RETAIL Sales Class

We turn sales clerks into sales pros, and owners into sales trainers. Breaking down the sales process into easily recognizable components, from the first “touch” to the value-adding steps, sales become more enjoyable and more effective.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling Ford F-150s, furniture, or arst and crafts – sales is sales. You need to break the Customer-Sales Clerk mold, establish trust, allow the customer to hunt and gather, and then finally, create a “we” space to enrich their lives by helping to solve their problems or ‘pain.’


Jam-packed with how-to lessons from making the dreaded cold call, to not spilling your cookies and learning that the best presentation is not a presentation at all, this course is for the hard-core, commission-based sales rep who gets up every morning knowing their paycheck depends on how many sales they make. The Coach has been there, has studied it and we will discover what works best for you.

If you are selling media advertising, real estate, insurance or anything that you need to make the cold call or knock on doors and get invited back, this course will increase your productivity and lower your stress at the same time. Do you have a simple sales model or guide that keeps you on track? Less than 10% do, and if you aren’t using your system, you will be borrowing your prospect’s system which is usually not conducive to low stress and effective sales.


Coach Bill SwanDesigned for every one of us who comes in contact with the public in their job, with a special emphasis for the hospitality industry, this course will be partly therapeutic, and partly sales training. Dealing with humans who are buying something and have certain expectations can be incredibly satisfying, but all too often, it is stressful. This course gives you practical tools you can use immediately so you will enjoy the sales experience, customer and sales person.

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